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/* Placed in the public domain 2001 by Sam Trenholme */

/* Franky Van Liedekerke's contributions so this can compile on Solaris */
#ifdef SOLARIS
#ifndef _uint_defined
typedef unsigned int u_int32_t;
typedef unsigned short u_int16_t;
#define _uint_defined
#endif /* _uint_defined */
#define       INADDR_NONE             0xffffffff
#endif /* SOLARIS */

/* Gerrit P. Haase's suggested the following for compiling this on 
   Cygwin */
#ifdef __CYGWIN__
#define MSG_WAITALL 0x40
#endif /* __CYGWIN__ */

/* The maximum allowed size of a zone name */
#define MAX_ZONE_SIZE 256

/* The port to bind the DNS server to, and the port that askmara uses 
   to bind to.  Note that a lot of MaraDNS' messages are hard-coded
   to say that we are binding on port 53, so only change this for
   debugging purposes.  I use this so that I can debug MaraDNS on
   systems where I do not have root. */
#define DNS_PORT 53

#include "libs/JsStr.h"

/* u_int16_t, etc. */
#include <sys/types.h>

/* The encoding for the strings in the configuration files (3: iso 8859-1) */
#define MARA_LOCALE 3

/* The data types for 32-bit signed and unsigned data */
#define int32 int32_t
#define uint32 u_int32_t

/* These data types need to store at least 16 bits, and can store more */
#define int16 int16_t
#define uint16 u_int16_t

/* Structure that holds an IPV4 IP and netmask */
typedef struct {
    uint32 ip;
    uint32 mask;
    } ipv4pair;

/* Structure which is a bidirectional linked list which lists which RRs to axe
   next when the cache runs low on free spots */
typedef struct fila { /* Fila: Spanish for "line" */
    struct fila *siguiente; /* Spanish for "next" */
    struct fila *previous;
    unsigned char datatype; /* 0:rr 1:closer */
    void *record; /* This points to the record that this particular element
                     uses */
    js_string *hash_point; /* This points to the query which generates
                              the record in question */
    char nukable_hp; /* Whether the hash point string shold be destroyed
                        when we remove this fila element. 1: Yes, nuke
                  the hash_point string; 0: No, keep the hash
                  point string */
    } fila;

/* DNS server that is closer to the answer for a given request */
typedef struct closer {
    unsigned int num_elements; /* Number of elements in the linked list */
    time_t ttd; /* Time for this record to die */
    int datatype; /* This is the RR type of the data (RR_A [in which
                     case, the data is a pointer to a uint32] or RR_NS [which
                     makes the data point to a js_string object]) */
    void *data;
    fila *zap; /* So that we can determine in which order to zap RRs */
    struct closer *masked; /* If another record with a ttd after the
                              ttd for this record exists, we want to
                              access that data when this record expires */
    struct closer *next; } closer;

/* Structure which contains the data for a DNS record pointed to from 
   the hash */
typedef struct rr {
    time_t expire; /* When this RR expires (0=authoritative) */
    uint32 ttl; /* The TTL for the record in question */
    uint32 authoritative; /* Are we authoritative for this zone */
    struct rr *next; /* Either the first NS for this zone _or_ the next copy
                        of the same record for the same data type */
    struct rr *ip; /* If this is a PTR, MX, or NS record, pointer to the
                      ip the rr domain name points to (if applicable) */
    js_string *ptr; /* If this is a PTR request pointing to a CNAME,
                       we want to give them the PTR record along
                   with the CNAME record. */
    uint16 rr_type; /* Type of resource record this entry is */
    js_string *query; /* Pointer to the query one asks to get this answer */
    js_string *data; /* The actual raw binary data for this RR */
    fila *zap; /* Pointer to a structure used for deleting elements from
                  the cache when the cache starts to fill up */
    char seen; /* This is used by udpsuccess() to insure that a given
                  element in the hash is only visited once */
    } rr;

/* Structure which contains the header as described in Section 4.1.1 of
   RFC1035 */
typedef struct {
    uint16 id; /* 16-bit unsigned ID of Query */
    int qr; /* Boolean query-type (query or answer) */
    int opcode; /* 4-bit opcode flag */
    int aa; /* boolean Authoritative Answer */ 
    int tc; /* boolean truncation flag */
    int rd; /* boolean "recursion desired" flag */
    int ra; /* boolean "recursion available" flag */
    int z; /* 3-bit reserved "z" flags.  Keep 0 */
    int rcode; /* 4-bit rcode flag */
    uint16 qdcount; /* 16-bit unsigned # of questions */
    uint16 ancount; /* 16-bit unsigned # of answers */
    uint16 nscount; /* 16-bit unsigned # of NS answers */
    uint16 arcount; /* 16-bit unsigned # of additional records */
    } q_header;

/* DNS Question as described in Section 4.1.2 of RFC1035 */
typedef struct {
    js_string *qname; /* Special RFC1035 format of domain name */
    uint16 qtype; /* 16-bit query type */
    uint16 qclass; /* 16-bit query class */
    } q_question;

/* RR format as described in section 4.1.3 of RFC1035 */
typedef struct {
    js_string *name; /* Special RFC1035 format of domain name */
    uint16 type; /* 16-bit record type */
    uint16 class; /* 16-bit record class */
    uint32 ttl; /* 32-bit ttl */
    uint16 rdlength; /* 16-bit length of the RDATA field */
    js_string *rdata; /* variable length resource data */
    } q_rr;

/* Some query types and their RFC1035 section 3.2.2 values */
/* A record: RFC1035 section 3.4.1 */
#define RR_A 1
/* NS record: RFC1035 section 3.3.11 */
#define RR_NS 2
/* Not supported: MD and MF */
/* CNAME: RFC1035 section 3.3.1 */
#define RR_CNAME 5
/* SOA: RFC1035 section 3.3.13 */
#define RR_SOA 6
/* Not supported: MB, MG, MR, NULL, and WKS */
/* PTR: RFC1035 section 3.3.12 */
#define RR_PTR 12
/* Not supported: HINFO and MINFO */
/* MX: RFC1035 section 3.3.9 */
#define RR_MX 15
/* TXT: RFC1035 section 3.3.14 */
/* Not supported: Multiple character strings in a TXT record */
#define RR_TXT 16
/* ANY: Special query for all of the records for a given hostname */
#define RR_ANY 255

/* The following formats use a single domain name as the data: 
#define rr_ns *js_string
#define rr_cname *js_string
#define rr_ptr *js_string

/* The A record is a single unsigned 32-bit integer */
#define rr_a uint32

/* The other supported types we make structures of */

/* SOA: RFC1035 3.3.13 */
typedef struct {
    js_string *mname; /* The name server with authoritative data */
    js_string *rname; /* Domain-name style data: email address */ 
    uint32 serial; /* 32-bit serial */
    int32 refresh; /* How often slave servers look at the serial to
                    see if it should be refreshed */
    int32 retry; /* How often slave servers should look at the serial when
                  the server is down */
    int32 expire; /* How long before the slave servers "give up" on looking
                   at data from the master server when the master server 
               dies */
    uint32 minimum; /* Default TTL for all RRs in the zone */
    } rr_soa;

/* MX: RFC1035 section 3.3.9 */
typedef struct {
    int16 preference; /* Lower preference MXs are tried before higher
                         preference MXs */
    js_string *exchange; /* Domain-name style data, the actual mail
                            exchanger */
    } rr_mx;

/* The TXT record is a single RFC1035-style character-string */
#define rr_txt *js_string;

/* The various error codes we place in the RCODE section of the header */
#define FORMAT_ERROR 1
#define SERVER_FAIL 2
#define REFUSED 5

/* The longest RRs which we allow to exist in csv1 zone files.
   Warning: If you make this longer, then there is a significant
   risk that the record will be longer than the 512 bytes allowed 
   in a DNS packet.  MaraDNS does not current support DNS over TCP.


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